Why Invest With MH Elite Funds?

Considering the number of mutual funds competing for your investment dollars, it is no wonder that many people may feel trapped in a maze of choices. We, at MH Elite Portfolio of Funds Trust, have unraveled the maze of performance numbers, manager profiles, fund expenses, risk/reward comparisons, rising stars, falling stars and other selection criteria to compile a team of portfolio managers and funds we believe to be some of the best available today, bringing them together in four funds so you only have to make one investment decision.


As is often the case in the world of fashion, styles come and go. The stock market is no exception when it comes to styles. Today's hottest trends can be tomorrow's closeouts. Investing styles (growth vs. value, large vs. small cap stocks and domestic vs. foreign) can perform like a seesaw routinely falling in and out of favor with investors. For example, value stocks often outperform growth stocks for several years and then growth outperforms value for several years. Forecasting market movements is a challenge even for the so-called experts who never seem to be in agreement when it comes to predicting or anticipating the market's next correction or continued rise. It is not our intention to swing for the fences but rather employ a disciplined approach to investing, analogous to a contact hitter in baseball who can hit for average and still possess the ability, on occasion, to hit the long ball.


Diversifying your investment(s) among the different asset classes and investing styles is essential to a well designed investment plan. It is not necessarily which fund(s) you choose but rather the mix of funds within the asset classes that will have the greatest impact on the overall performance of a portfolio. In the following table we have identified eleven major asset classes and the corresponding focus in an asset class or classes for each of our funds that you can use as a guide toward developing a diversified portfolio tailored to your individual investment needs.

Asset Class MH Elite
Small Cap
Fund of Funds

MH Elite
Fund of Funds
MH Elite
Portfolio of Funds
MH Elite
Fund of Funds
U.S. Large Cap Equity
U.S. Mid Cap Equity
U.S. Small Cap Equity
Developed Foreign Equity
Emerging Market Equity
Real Estate
Natural Resources
U.S. Bonds
International Bonds
Inflation Protected Securities


Within each of the equity asset classes mentioned above, the corresponding MH Elite Fund will invest in a blend of value and growth funds. Remember, over the long term, a broadly diversified multi-asset portfolio, including both stock and bond funds, is more likely to have a greater impact on your overall return then trying to pick the hottest or number one performing fund.


Are you disappointed to find top performing mutual funds closed to new investors? Do high initial fund minimum investment requirements keep you from investing with some of today's best managers? A unique opportunity exists when you invest with MH Elite Portfolio of Funds Trust. Our holdings include a number of top performing mutual funds from Fidelity, Glenmede, John Hancock, MFS, Oakmark, Oppenheimer, Primecap and T. Rowe Price that are no longer accepting new applications from individual investors. The simplicity and affordability of investing in a fund of funds is hard to match. Fund minimums are no longer a barrier when you invest with MH Elite Funds. An initial investment of $10,000 is all that is needed to invest with MH Elite Portfolio of Funds Trust. In contrast, the minimum initial investment to purchase the underlying funds in each of our portfolios ranges from $500 to $1,000,000.


 MH Investment Management Inc., as advisor to the Funds, reviews and evaluates funds based on their investment style, policies and past performance. Other criteria considered in making a determination include the portfolio manager tenure, fees and expenses, portfolio composition and quality of shareholder services. The sector weightings of an underlying fund are reviewed, as well, for overlap in holdings and to insure the Funds maintain an overall balanced portfolio. The Funds will invest in unaffiliated funds that can be purchased at their net asset value without sales charges, upfront or deferred, and have a maximum limit on 12B-1 fees of .25%. Disappointing performance, a change in portfolio manager or significant style drift may lead to a fund being removed from the portfolio.


If you are looking for one fund family that will provide you with a well balanced and diversified multi-asset portfolio of stock and bond funds then look no further than MH Elite Portfolio of Funds Trust.

MH Elite
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The funds offered by MH Elite Portfolio of Funds are available to U.S. investors only and may not be available in all states. To determine if these Funds are an appropriate investment for you, carefully consider the Fund's investment objectives, risk factors and charges and expenses before investing. This and other information can be found in the Fund's prospectus which may be obtained by calling 1-800-318-7969. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. Mutual fund investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

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